Global Food Technologies

Global Food Technologies’ mission is to apply its advanced science to the proprietary design, development, and production of commercial products and services to improve food processing methods and food safety results.

The iPura Program involves a unique “boots on the ground” approach and a daily on-site program to initiate cleaner food at the source. Anchored by our patented organic technologies, the iPura Food Safety and Quality Assurance Services Program prescribes extraordinary science-based controls and the manpower for the execution of those controls, to ensure the integrity of food.

While it is the desire of Global Food Technologies to produce substantial profits for its shareholders, our primary mission is to save lives and to prevent unnecessary human illness. We are committed to creating food safety products and services never before achieved. Global Food Technologies is dedicated to creating a safer and healthier environment for our children and families throughout the world.

Global Food Technologies is comprised of dedicated professionals with domestic and international experience in food safety, regulatory affairs, science, technology, engineering, production, operations, administration, risk management, sales and marketing. We are all committed to sustainable practices and stewardship of global resources.