The iPura® Seal

The iPura seal is a registered trademark that signifies “The Highest Standard in Food Safety”.

The seal is representative of the iPura Food Safety and Quality Assurance Services Program which embodies technological innovations and extraordinary controls to combat foodborne hazards and to prevent contaminants from entering the food supply.

The iPura seal is a guarantee that Global Food Technologies’ personnel provided continuous on-site food safety and quality assurance services at the point of processing with security controls throughout the distribution chain. The iPura daily on-site food safety team includes operators, technicians, microbiologists, sanitation and quality control personnel. iPura stands alone with its vertically integrated controls for food safety.

Media and consumer surveys provide strong indications that consumers worldwide have food safety on their minds. It is widely accepted that current food production and safety methods fail to protect adequately the public from foodborne diseases. Because of the health risk for all consumers and the negative impact on businesses and economies worldwide, food safety is the top concern in the food distribution chain.

Only licensed products carry the premium iPura seal, a mark of excellence created with your family in mind. Currently licensing seafood processors, iPura will expand into poultry, meats and produce.