The iPura® Food Safety, Assurance & Quality Service Program

The iPura Food Safety & Quality Assurance Services Program (“The iPura Program”) is a world-class food safety strategy that unites green technologies with a comprehensive daily regimen integrating patented technologies and extraordinary precautions to combat foodborne hazards. Our organic methods make food clean and safe without affecting the natural taste, texture or color while safeguarding the nutritional value.

Global Food Technologies personnel operate the iPura science-based processes and the proprietary hardware that perform a non-thermal microbial intervention and “organic clean-step” conducted at the processing point - prior to packaging. The iPura program embodies technological innovations and builds in controls from the start to combat foodborne hazards and to prevent contaminants from entering the food supply.

iPura adds value to the distribution chain by addressing consumer demand for healthy, clean, safe and sustainable food. Processors, importers, distributors, food service providers and grocers can reduce product loss, increase sales and profit margins while protecting their brand image and safeguarding public health. Food safety is smart business.