iPura® the Center of Attention in Weihai, China

WEIHAI, CHINA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 23, 2007

Global Food Technologies, Inc. ("GFT"), a U.S. biotech food safety service Company, announces successful meetings in China.

As a guest of the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association ("CAPPMA"), GFT's trade show booth was the center of attention at the Weihai Seafood Show, including television interviews with GFT President Keith Meeks, CAPPMA General Secretary Cui He, and Min Han, the CEO of the China Seafood Certification Institute ("CSCI").

After the trade show, CAPPMA sponsored a private presentation by GFT to its seafood processor members. At a banquet following the presentation, Mr. Cui stated, "We are happy that GFT is bringing the iPura program to China. We produce almost a third of the world's seafood and we are excited to take part in the Highest Standard in Food Safety, which is represented by iPura. China seafood producers are motivated to increase the quality, safety, and shelf life of their products. This has been a very good start."

Min Han commented, "These meetings are proof that the iPura program will enjoy success in China as processors realize that the program will increase their food safety effectiveness and improve their reputation, which will facilitate deeper penetration in the lucrative exports markets."

Aaron Ormond, Director of Science for GFT, stated, "We are enjoying a fully supported program which began with meetings in Beijing with representatives from the China State Food Agency. We have received official introduction to market influencers and large volume processors. The selection process for our first site in China will be completed soon."

Global Food Technologies has created an environmentally friendly, post lethality, non-thermal, organic "Clean Step" that eliminates pathogens and dramatically extends the shelf life of seafood without affecting the taste, texture, color or nutritional value of the product. The end product is being marketed under the iPura™ label as The Highest Standard in Food Safety™.

Information on GFT is available at: www.globalfoodtech.com
Information on CSCI is available at: www.csci.org.cn
Information on CAPPMA is available at: www.fish.gov.cn

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