The iPura® Value Points

Safety controls prior to packaging:

Safety controls throughout the distribution chain ensure:

Patented “organic clean-step”

Global Food Technologies’ proprietary organic non-thermal microbial intervention is performed just prior to packaging and is a patentedcutting-edge technology representing a combination of scientific interventions to achieve superior efficacy. This technology capitalizes on Global Food Technologies’ expertise in cellular biology and engineering by combining mechanical elements such as atmospheric pressure (or lack thereof), volume dispersed per unit of time, temperature, water and an organic antimicrobial solution to mitigate disease causing pathogens and other spoilage organisms in food products. Our organic technologies are focused on the elimination of food poisoning due to the ingestion of E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Vibrio and other deadly pathogens which frequently contaminate food products during the farming, processing and packaging stages. Go back

Turn-key industrial hardware system

The iPura Services Agreement provides proprietary hardware and controls for the microbial intervention and “organic clean-step” performed at the final processing point to ensure product safety and quality, prior to packaging. GFT’s custom hardware is designed specifically for the product of interest. GFT has developed technologies that may combine manipulation of atmospheric pressure, temperature, water and an environmentally friendly organic antimicrobial solution targeted at the elimination of disease causing pathogens and other spoilage organisms in food products as well as associated conveyance apparatuses for movement of product and structural components for creating the iPura processing area. Go back

On-site food safety and quality assurance team

The iPura Services Agreement provides the services of a dedicated team of system operators, technicians, microbiologist, and food safety experts who daily execute the microbial intervention and validation of the program efficacy on a continuous basis. Go back

Multiple interventions to combat foodborne hazards

In addition to meeting regulatory and environmental standards, the iPura food safety program implements a daily regimen created for the product of interest which may include the application of antimicrobial ice introduced at critical control points followed by a product wash before the product enters the pressure chambers described in two of the company patents. Additional measures include control of the processing environment by utilizing laminar airflow, positive air pressure, and HEPA filtration to reduce cross-contamination. In addition, the ambient temperature of the processing room is controlled to suppress microbial proliferation on the product and food contact surfaces. Packaging, temperature monitoring and traceability provide additional controls throughout the distribution chain. Other control measures include requiring certificates of analysis to verifying that no illegal antibiotics were used in the feed (at the farm level), as well as independent auditing of those farms from where the product is sourced. Go back

On-site microbiologist for continual testing to validate system efficacy

The iPura Services Agreement provides the services of an on-site microbiologist to conduct daily efficacy testing of product, and to conduct environmental monitoring of the processing facility. In addition to independent laboratory analysis testing for banned substances and chemicals, the on-site laboratory tests daily for pathogens with PCR, ELISA, and other rapid testing methods. Go back

Packaging within a controlled environment

All iPura packaging takes place in a controlled environment. In addition, the ambient temperature of the processing room is controlled to suppress microbial proliferation and an aggressive environmental monitoring program is executed for verification of sanitation standards. Go back

Independent certification

The iPura Program requires an independent certification of each licensee's food safety and quality plan. The iPura Program currently recognizes the BAP Certification by the Aquaculture Certification Council, and the Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF level 3) by the Food Marketing Institute and British Retail Consortium (Grade A), as qualified requisite programs. These certifications address food safety issues such as illegal use of chemotherapeutics at the farm level, as well as emphasize good manufacturing processes (GMP’s) and assist in providing the framework of the iPura food safety program. Certification with one of these bodies also requires regular audits and strict adherence to documentation and validation of food safety and quality control measures. Go back

Chlorine free

Chlorine and/or its toxic derivatives are never used by Global Food Technologies. Go back

Temperature monitoring against temperature abuse

When iPura products warrant the implementation, master cartons are tagged with a monitoring device to monitor temperature and prevent abuse. The temperature sensor allows the minute-by-minute monitoring of cold chain logistics. Other TTI (time-temperature indicators) may be used particularly on fresh product to indicate temperature abuse during distribution as an additional food safety and quality control measure. Go back

Protection against cross contamination

iPura packaging of individual portions of fresh and frozen seafood assures that the highest standards of safety and quality are maintained. Additional measures include control of the processing environment as previously described, as well as a rigorous QA inspection of packaged product. The iPura food safety program also promotes chlorine-free organic cleaning agents in the sanitation programs. Go back

Traceability with a point of origin marker

Each master carton is tagged with an iPura identification marker that allows immediate identification to source, date and batch. Go back

Security authentication against counterfeiting

Anti-counterfeit measures are implemented with authentication labeling and Intaglio technology on all iPura labeled products. This maximum security measure is taken to assure the highest level of safety and security to customers around the world. Go back

Insurance against regulatory intervention and product recall

All products that carry the iPura seal are insured against regulatory intervention and product recall at all stages in the distribution chain. This unique insurance coverage is attached to the product and indemnifies each stakeholder in the chain of possession, a new paradigm in perishable food product insurance. Go back